by JAMES ♥

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SteppingTrack This album is like a trip into deep space, making you feel the loneliness and the vagrancy of the traveler.
A truly clever composition, painting in five acts a neat and clear picture of dispiritedness. Favorite track: Bring Me Home.
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Sounds from a supercomputer orbiting a dying star.

Mixing SynthPop and Drum 'n' Bass and other things unknown to this realm, like an angfroean sandwich ... whatever that is.

We tried to give a melancholy feeling of hope and wonder with this release: a feeling of loneliness you can vibe to as you drift through the cosmos gazing into the unknown, pondering what worlds could be in store. EOADS leaves you circling a dying star, looking upon its beauty - though it is sad what will be lost.

With every end a new beginning will come.


released August 22, 2015

All songs were written, composed, and produced By JAMES ♥.

Cover art by BrainstormAlex:

Special thanks to Alex, Serreen, Macarou, Saugee, Mr.Wonton and Mena for helping us through hard times and always keep us smiling
.. You guys rock .. really




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We are AUDMONSTERS! A net label collective hellbent on bringing you a variety of swell tracks. From chip to drum and bass to ambience to noise to orchestral we have it all!

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Track Name: Year
Where the sea hits the stars
we might not make it far

Close you eyes and take my hand
I know its not the plan

I'll make you see the light
I'll shine so bright
eulogy of a dying star

Are you still here with me
or are you dreaming of the stars
Track Name: Hold Back Your Tears
How long

Get back

I'm not where I was before
Track Name: Decay
When your eyes catch me
drifting away,
and your words don't reach me,

when your mind Wanders
over the sea,
and your deams can't catch me,

when you wake, you ponder
how could this be,
but your wish won't change me.

I make my way here,
far from our tree,
timber, the falt is me.

So how long
must I wait here for things to change?
Will it ever end?
How long will it be for me to

They are withering away.
So much for promised dreams.

And stay,
the odds just weren't on our side.
You're more and more gone as time goes on.

When your eyes catch me
drifting away,
(it's too late to turn back)
and your words don't reach me,
(got too much on my plate)

when your mind wanders
over the sea,
(forever I wait)
and your dreams can't catch me,
(a mirror in light)

When you wake you ponder
how could this be,
(and the only thing I long for now)
but your wish won't change me
(is to somehow get back).

I make my way here,
far from our tree,
timber the falt is me
(I am not where i was before).

So how long
must I wait here for things to change?
Will it ever end?
How long will it be for me to


Just like my state of mine with everything i missed
Heart torn out,
frozen solid,
cast away into the abyss

See you rise and fall, I am under it,
sour tongue that slit our wrists.

With everything you say,
I Decay

Track Name: Bring Me Home
The world
underneath the shadow.
Why can't you hold me close?
Pain is at the surface.

I wanna go back home.

Home is where the heart is.
My heart is far away,
but I don't have a way to


erase the line,
start over again and again,
torn apart dividing one into ten,
soul cut up, we wither away.

Stars fool design,
wish more and other ascend,
in your hands, I'm more than pretend.
I'll pretend I'm nothing again.

Erase the line
start over again and again
Torn apart dividing one into ten
soul cut up we wither away

Stars Fool design
wish more and other ascend
in your hands i'm more than pretend
Bring me back